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Intellectual Property
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Stand Up For What Is Yours

Intellectual property (IP) can be easily compromised in this age of advancing technology and hyper connectivity. If we are not careful, we can forget the value of our brand and other intellectual assets. Offenses such as patent infringements or trademark violations can create serious stresses for you and your business. Our lawyers can help.

Johnson Hobbs Squires LLP is an accomplished Texas firm. Our legal community recognizes the hard work of our lawyers, including them in Texas Super Lawyers, Texas Super Lawyers – Rising Stars and elsewhere. Operating out of Waco, we provide legal services in an array of practice areas, making us a dynamic and well-rounded team.

A Prepared Firm With Cost Effective Strategies

Fighting for your stolen or otherwise damaged IP can be a complex matter and requires a thorough approach. Our attorneys will work to provide the best possible results by cost effective means. We have a wide network of resources and professionals from which to draw. What’s more, we will make sure you understand billing-related matters and the finer details of the IP litigation process.

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Our extensive knowledge in business law will be an incredible asset in your intellectual property conflict. Call our office at 254-633-3011 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.


Peer Recognition

Other lawyers recognize the value JHS is bringing to its clients. All three of JHS’s founding partners have been recognized by their peers as top lawyers in Texas in their respective practice areas.

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