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Eminent Domain And Condemnation: Know Your Rights And Options

While the government has an inherent right – called eminent domain – to take private property for public use, many Texas property owners are not aware that private entities – oil, gas and utility companies, for instance – may also have the power of eminent domain if the company’s project is regarded as public use.

At Johnson Hobbs Squires LLP, we provide aggressive legal representation for Texas landowners whose property rights are being threatened by eminent domain/condemnation by the government or by a private entity.

We Fight To Protect Your Rights And Help You Get Fair Compensation

When the government or a private company decides to take all or a portion of your property, the law requires that your property be appraised and that you are offered fair compensation. Determining what is “fair” in these cases is often the subject of litigation.

At JHS, we understand the difficulties and frustrations that landowners face in eminent domain/condemnation cases, and we will work hard for you and help you reach a positive outcome.

We negotiate customized solutions in eminent domain/condemnation disputes. Our attorneys have a record of success in this controversial area of law. We can help you obtain an accurate appraisal and strongly negotiate on your behalf to maximize your compensation.

It is crucial for you to have an aggressive lawyer on your side with experience in negotiating these matters. At the JHS firm, we frequently collaborate with real estate experts and other skilled professionals in the field to achieve positive results for our clients.

In some cases, it is possible to stop the condemnation of your property by showing that the taking is not legitimately for public use. We can thoroughly investigate your case and explain whether this is a viable option for you.

Arrange A Free Consultation With An Eminent Domain Attorney

If a government authority or private company is threatening to take your land, contact the skilled attorneys of Johnson Hobbs Squires LLP. We have the knowledge and experience to protect the rights and interests of Texas ranchers, farmers, recreational property owners and homeowners who are facing eminent domain/condemnation actions.

To request a free initial consultation, please complete our online contact form or call our offices in Waco at 254-633-3011.