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Elder Law
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Elder Law

Senior citizens face unique legal and financial problems that younger people do not. To meet these needs, the law firm of Johnson Hobbs Squires LLP provides a complete range of elder law services.

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This practice area is led by attorney Mark Hobbs, working closely with Senior Care Planner John Wessler. Mr. Hobbs has a comprehensive knowledge of elder law issues as well as solutions that can protect the assets of seniors. Compassionate and understanding, Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Wessler are committed to protecting the dignity and well-being of the elderly. Mr. Hobbs is Board-Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and an Accredited Attorney with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Mr. Wessler, owner of a Registered Investment Advisory, has a decade of experience assisting clients in preparing for long-term care expenses and obtaining Medicaid and VA benefits.

The JHS firm provides advice and services for senior citizens in matters involving:

Protecting Your Assets Through Effective Medicaid Planning

The high cost of care in an assisted-living facility or nursing home can quickly deplete a person’s life savings. However, those who anticipate requiring nursing home care at some point in the future can take measures that enable them to qualify for Medicaid benefits that will cover the cost of nursing home care.

Where appropriate, our firm assists clients in transferring assets to other family members. However, please note that there is a five-year look back period for some transfers. Such transfers should only be made with the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney. We can review your situation and recommend the solution that is appropriate for you.

At the JHS firm, we consider all possibilities to protect assets while still funding the cost of nursing home care. In your case, these could include a solution that employs one or more of the following: asset transfers, private nursing home insurance, Social Security benefits, private disability benefits, veterans benefits and private savings.

Facing A Medical Crisis? We Can Respond Quickly.

Medicare pays for only a very short period of nursing home care — often just a few days. After that, the patient must find a way to pay for the always-increasing cost of skilled nursing care.

People facing a medical crisis requiring nursing home care and who fall within the five-year look back period for qualification for Medicaid benefits may still have options. Talk to attorney Mark Hobbs today.

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