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Business Litigation
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Business Litigation

The JHS team includes experienced dispute resolution professionals. Our trial attorneys are noted for their abilities to handle high-stakes cases involving complex legal issues as well as document-intensive cases.

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We collaborate with the best experts and other professionals to provide results-oriented representation in all types of business litigation, including:

A Different Kind Of Law Firm

We believe that the traditional law firm model no longer meets the needs of businesses and their owners. Simply billing hours as many law firms do tends to inflate legal costs and delay the final resolution of a case. Instead, we prefer to handle commercial litigation on a contingency basis. This provides us with an incentive to achieve the best possible result for our client, while lowering the overall cost of representation. When you meet with us to discuss your legal problem, we will provide you with a clear understanding of your billing options as well as other critical aspects of your case.

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Peer Recognition

Other lawyers recognize the value JHS is bringing to its clients. All three of JHS’s founding partners have been recognized by their peers as top lawyers in Texas in their respective practice areas.

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