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Ryan Johnson and Scott James Represent City of Woodway Employee Subjected to Alleged Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The State of Texas defines “SEXUAL HARASSMENT” as:

Any unwanted physical touching, requests for sexual favors, and other unwanted sexual conduct where such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

 In 2016, the United States Government released a comprehensive study of workplace harassment in the United States, which concluded that 50% of women report having experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, but that 75% of all workplace harassment incidents go unreported.  At least one City of Woodway employee refused to let such sexual misconduct go unreported. 

JHS was hired to investigate the allegations of sexual harassment and assault against the long-time City of Woodway City Manager and Chief of Police Yost Zakhary and to protect the rights of those affected by his alleged misconduct.      

“While the focus of this case is on the acts of certain City of Woodway public officials, JHS has a history of working to protect the rights of the most vulnerable people throughout our community.  This firm was founded on the idea that attorneys have an obligation, a responsibility, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to stand up for those who have been mistreated and to make our homes, our workplaces and our community a safer place.  My hope is that our work in this matter will not only benefit our client, but make the City of Woodway and the rest of our community a safer place.”  Ryan Johnson.     

Stay up to date on all of the latest news related to this case:

5/15/18 – Judge denies motion to remove Zakhary as defendant in sexual harassment lawsuit

5/15/18 – Judge refuses to remove ex-Woodway official from sexual misconduct suit

5/15/18 – Judge denies motion to dismiss lawsuit against City of Woodway, Yost Zakhary

4/10/18 – Woodway City Manager resigns amid allegations of sexual harassment

4/10/18 – Correction: Woodway manager resigns, city won’t pay out his contract

4/9/18 – Woodway City Council makes city manager’s resignation immediate

4/9/18 – Woodway City Council Accepts City Manager’s Resignation

4/9/18 – Longtime Woodway city manager Zakhary resigns amid sexual harassment complaints

3/31/18 – People in Woodway react to Zakhary’s paid administrative leave

3/30/18 – Woodway city manager placed on administrative leave

3/30/18 – Woodway city manager placed on administrative leave

3/27/18 – Legal experts: Lawsuit could mean mounting evidence for Woodway city manager

3/26/18 – Woodway employee sues city for alleged sexual harassment

3/20/18 – Woodway Police Cheif resigned amid allegations of inappropriate comments, will remain City Manager

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