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Do I have to accept an eminent domain offer on my property?

Eminent domain is a fact of life in Texas, but you aren't powerless against it. Anyone who claims eminent domain -- the government, a utility company or someone else -- has to follow the proper procedures to ensure that you're treated fairly. If they don't, you can assert your rights. Just because someone has offered you compensation under eminent domain doesn't mean you have to accept it.

When can the government legally take your property?

When does the government have a right to take your property? Texans feeling nervous about the possibility of either a Bullet Train or a border wall running through their backyard may also be wondering if they have a legal right to refuse the use of their property if the government comes calling.

Eminent domain and the fight for a border wall

One of the most memorable statements made during President Trump's election was the topic of building a border wall spanning the southern U.S. and Mexico border. Currently, there is no authorization to begin construction of the border wall. However, there are many factors causing high-cost delays in obtaining what's necessary to go forward with the project.

Texas high-speed rail project raises eminent domain issues

Major eminent domain disputes arise relatively frequently in Texas, and proposed projects ranging from bullet trains and border walls to continued oil and gas drilling serve as reminders of how important it is for landowners to protect their rights.

Dealing with an Eminent Domain Issue? Protect Your Rights as a Landowner.

Tree.PNGLandowners in Texas are aware that the government has the power of eminent domain -- the right to take private property for public use. There are legal precedents, however, for also allowing private entities -- oil and gas companies, for example -- to exercise the power of eminent domain.

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