Filing a workers’ comp claim for dental injuries
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Filing a workers’ comp claim for dental injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Injuries to your teeth can be painful, unsightly and costly. They can significantly impact speech, chewing, smiling and the overall appearance of your face. Such injuries may require several expensive visits to a dentist for delicate repairs. 

Work-related dental injuries can occur in numerous ways. You may have slipped and fallen. Or maybe you had an accident while driving a company vehicle or operating heavy machinery. Injuries could include:

  • Your tooth could be chipped or cracked
  • The tooth is displaced from the bone or dislodged from its socket
  • A tooth is damaged, and an adjacent bone is affected as well

Whatever the circumstances and whatever the injuries, you want a prompt solution to alleviate your physical discomfort and avoid having to foot huge medical bills.

How can a successful claim help you?

You should be able to get the cost of the dental work paid for and additional costs due to related issues. For instance, some people have problems producing saliva after injuring their mouth and need further treatment. You could also get funds for associated transport costs or time off required.

What must you do if you need to claim?

Inform a supervisor of your injury right away and visit the dentist as soon as possible to reduce the chance anyone claims the damage did not happen at work. Having help to understand the steps you must take and the evidence you need to present gives you the best chance of getting the compensation you need.

Incomplete information, lack of substantiation and other flaws can make the difference between a workers’ comp claim that is accepted and one that is turned down.


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