How dangerous is your job in the construction field?
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How dangerous is your job in the construction field?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Construction is widely considered one of the most dangerous industries in which to work. Construction workers face numerous risks. These include occupational hazards of the work they carry out themselves, the harm their colleagues can cause by their negligent actions and even injuries that may result from malfunctioning equipment.

Some roles within the construction sector are inherently more dangerous than others. Do you know what those are?

What are the most dangerous construction roles?

Research shows that individuals who utilize power tools or operate heavy equipment in their construction role are particularly vulnerable to getting hurt on the job. So too are those workers employed in demolition, duct construction or high-rise construction roles.

High-rise workers are most vulnerable to getting hurt by objects falling on them from high above. This scenario results in at least 40% of construction worker fatalities. High-rise workers also have to be particularly cautious when working in inclement weather conditions such as wind. Cranes and other heavy equipment can become unstable and come down crashing on them.

Many injuries that result from heavy equipment use are caused by the operator. However, equipment can malfunction, resulting in an operator’s serious bodily harm.

Demolition work involves using heavy equipment to tear down properties that are old or condemned. One of the biggest risks they face when doing this is that building materials may become loose, crashing down on them. There’s even an electrocution risk if electricity isn’t properly cut to the building being demolished.

Ductwork involves workers having to crawl into dark, cramped and confined spaces to lay pipes. The quality of air is often poor in these tight spaces, exposing workers to the potential of becoming trapped or suffocating.

Options you have if you’re hurt on the job

Texas requires most employers to secure workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees if they suffer injuries or illnesses on the job. State law may also allow you to recover compensation if a product malfunction leaves you hurt as well. You should carefully consider the merits of your case and your options for seeking compensation to help cover medical costs, lost wages and other expenses.


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