Medicare Launches Hospice Compare Website
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Medicare Launches Hospice Compare Website

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | Elder Law |

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Patients looking for hospice care can now get help from Medicare’s website.

Medicare’s comprehensive hospice benefit covers any care that is reasonable and necessary for easing the course of a terminal illness. The agency’s new Hospice Compare website was launched to improve transparency and allows patients to evaluate hospice providers according to several criteria.

The website provides information on how hospices deal with treatment preferences, address a patient’s beliefs and values, screen and assess for pain and shortness of breath, treat shortness of breath, and give a bowel regimen for patients treated with opioids. Patients can compare up to three hospices at a time.

Next year, the site plans to add more information, including allowing families to rate hospices as well as adding data on the number of staff visits a patient received in the final week before death.

To begin comparing hospice providers, click here.


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