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February 2017 Archives

Options for Preserving Wealth While Maintaining Medicaid Eligibility

Elderly Couple.PNGThese days, to preserve your wealth while ensuring your own comfort later in life, you have to be creative. If your goals include safeguarding your nest egg, passing on wealth to future generations and covering the costs of elder care, you need a plan that integrates multiple solutions.

Apple Needs to Implement 'Driver Mode' in Smartphones, Says Lawsuit

Driver distraction has emerged as one of the most life-threatening safety hazards for motorists in the United States, and recently the U.S. Department of Transportation called on phone makers to help address the problem.

Most Caregivers Are Now Entitled to Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay

istock_000017145240_extrasmall_sm.jpgThe federal government recently extended minimum wage and overtime protections to most home health care workers. If you are hiring a caregiver for yourself or an elderly loved one, you need to become familiar with the rules, even if the paid caregiver is a family member.

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