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Three Reasons Why Giving Your House to Your Children Isn't the Best Way to Protect It From Medicaid

16430-House.jpgYou may be afraid of losing your home if you have to enter a nursing home and apply for Medicaid. While this fear is well-founded, transferring the home to your children is usually not the best way to protect it.

Recent eminent domain case with land valuation discrepancy

Eminent domain is the legal authority granted to various entities to take the private land for public use. Only a government or private body with the right to do so can take the private property.

Texas eminent domain laws

How do you discuss estate planning with your parents?

Like other Texans who are at or reaching retirement age, your parents may not be particularly interested in discussing estate planning. However, as they continue to get older or develop chronic health issues, you may need to push them into considering it gently.

More than likely you understand their reticence since few people like to sit and contemplate their death. As you take a more significant role in caring for your parents and their finances, they may need to face not only the prospect of passing away but also of the potential for a time when they can no longer make decisions for themselves.

Social Security Beneficiaries Will Receive a 2% Increase in 2018

Thumbnail image for 16383-Social Security.jpgIn 2018, Social Security recipients will get their largest cost of living increase in benefits since 2012, but the additional income will likely be largely eaten up by higher Medicare Part B premiums.

Social Security Beneficiaries Will Receive a Two Percent Increase in 2018

16383-Social Security.jpgIn 2018, Social Security recipients will get their largest cost of living increase in benefits since 2012, but the additional income will likely be largely eaten up by higher Medicare Part B premiums.

What To Do When a Loved One Passes Away

Thumbnail image for 16360-woman at coffin.jpgWhether your spouse has just passed away or you have lost your mom or dad, the emotional trauma of losing a loved one often comes with a bewildering array of financial and legal issues demanding attention. It can be difficult enough for family members to handle the emotional trauma of a death, let alone taking the steps necessary to get these matters in order.

Long-Term Care Benefits for Veterans and Surviving Spouses

4039f89d3b.jpgLong-term care costs can add up quickly. For veterans and the surviving spouses of veterans, help may be available. The Veterans Administration (VA) has an underused pension benefit called Aid and Attendance that provides money to those who need assistance performing everyday tasks.

When a construction defect claim puts your livelihood at risk

It's an understatement to say that construction is a high-risk industry. Once a project gets underway, or even years down the line, you could find yourself dealing with anything from liens and delays to breach of contract and defect claims.

Even if your net worth is in the tens of millions, losing a single construction lawsuit could have a devastating financial impact if your professional reputation becomes mired. In fact, construction professionals and property owners alike sometimes have to "bet the farm," as it were, to prevail in litigation. With the stakes this high, experienced and dedicated legal counsel is of the utmost importance.

Pay Attention to the Small Details When Dealing with Long-Term Care Insurers

16342-Woman with Checkbook.jpgA long-term care insurance company recently cancelled the insurance coverage of an elderly woman who accidently wrote the wrong amount on her premium check. The case illustrates the need for policyholders to pay attention to the details.

How to Reverse Medicare Surcharges When Your Income Changes

16338-Social Security Card and Money.jpgWhat happens if you are a high-income Medicare beneficiary who is paying a surcharge on your premiums and then your income changes? If your circumstances change, you may be able to reverse those surcharges.

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