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What prevents a muniment of title?

When a loved one dies, dealing with the division of their estate afterwards can be stressful. Depending on how well they planned out their wills or trusts, you may have to endure probate court before inheriting everything that the deceased wanted you to have.

While many have devised numerous strategies to minimize or eliminate probate court all together, there is one process in Texas that you can rarely find anywhere else. This proceeding is known as the “muniment of title” and can offer Texans a and less pricy way to settle their loved one’s estate by bypassing the appointment of an executor and standard administration process. Before you consider this option, you need to know if the decedent’s estate is eligible for it.

Steps to take before filing a construction defect claim

After hiring a contractor to make renovations to your home, you begin to find significant issues with the outcome of the project. Perhaps the contractor did not accurately install piping, so your ceiling now leaks. Perhaps the contractor failed to comply with safely regulations, and your home lacks sound structure. Maybe the contractor failed to even complete elements listed on your original contract.

In Texas, homeowners have the ability to engage in a construction dispute with contractors that have failed to uphold their contractual agreements. Contractors can offer ways to avoid court litigation through remedying a potential mistake, but you have the authority to reject a contractor's offer. To receive compensation, you must have proof of a breached contract, so it may prove wise to hire an experienced construction litigation attorney, so that you can receive maximum reimbursement for your faulty renovation.

It's Now Harder for Veterans to Qualify for Long-Term Care Benefits

16870-Veterans.jpgThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has finalized new rules that make it more difficult to qualify for long-term care benefits. The rules establish an asset limit, a look-back period, and asset transfer penalties for claimants applying for VA pension benefits, including the Aid and Attendance benefit, that require a showing of financial need.

What you need to know about contesting a will

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but it is worse when you believe someone took advantage of your loved one. Too often, older people fall victim to manipulative individuals that may coerce them into making decisions they would not normally make. Sometimes these decisions include revising their wills. Or maybe your loved one was suffering from an illness that prevented him or her from making sound decisions, like revising a will.

If you believe your loved one was taken advantage or are concerned about revisions to a will, you may be considering contesting the will. You certainly do not want to seem like a greedy person, but you are concerned that your loved one's best interests are not being represented. Contesting a will may be the best way to move forward. Here are some things you need to know about contesting a will.

Where's My New Medicare Card?

16765-checking mailbox.jpgTo prevent fraud and fight identity theft, the federal government is issuing new cards to all Medicare beneficiaries that will no longer have beneficiaries' Social Security numbers on them. The government began mailing the cards in April 2018 and the new cards should be completely distributed by April 2019.

High-cost construction defects pose big setbacks

Construction defects have always been a hot topic in the construction industry. Not only do defects in performance, planning and supervision financially hurt the owner, but all the companies and contractors involved. It's a tough situation for both parties and also difficult to target, especially when multiple people worked on one project.

The Little-Known Tax on Roth 401(k) Distributions

16703-401k.jpgEmployee retirement savings plans come in two main varieties: the traditional 401(k) and the Roth 401(k). The benefit of a Roth 401(k) over a traditional 401(k) after retirement is that distributions from a Roth 401(k) are tax-free, but there is a little-known situation where distributions can be taxed.

Medicare Extends Deadline for Relief from Part B Penalties

16752-Medicare with Money.jpgMedicare is extending its offer of relief from penalties for certain Medicare beneficiaries who enrolled in Medicare Part A and had coverage through the individual marketplace. Beneficiaries who qualify will be able to enroll in Medicare Part B without paying a penalty for late enrollment if they enroll by September 30, 2018.

Court Overturns Obama Rule Protecting Investors Saving for Retirement

16723-protect retirement.jpgA U.S. court of appeals has struck down a Department of Labor (DOL) rule that was intended to prevent financial advisers from steering their clients to bad retirement investments.

You should avoid these 3 common estate planning mistakes

Let's face it -- no one likes to think about death. Especially your own. However, you should start preparing now for that inevitable day, and estate planning is the smartest action you can take for your family's future. When you start your plan, make sure to steer clear of these familiar missteps.

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