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Why You Should Use a Lawyer for Medicaid Planning (3).jpgMany seniors and their families don't use a lawyer to plan for long-term care or Medicaid, often because they're afraid of the cost. But an attorney can help you save money in the long run as well as make sure you are getting the best care for your loved one.

Don't Let Health Care Providers Use the Improvement Standard to Deny Medicare Coverage

istock_000017145240_extrasmall_sm.jpgHave you or a loved one been denied Medicare-covered services because you're "not improving"? Many health care providers are still not aware that Medicare is required to cover skilled nursing and home care even if a patient is not showing improvement. If you are denied coverage based on this outdated standard, you have the right to appeal.

Texas bans texting while driving, but challenges remain

Fatal car accidents have risen more than 20 percent in Texas over the last six years, according to one report. Why? The reasons are numerous, but texting while driving is a major factor.

Now Texas has decided to respond to the problem by making texting while driving illegal, although law enforcement and driver education efforts still face challenges.

Texas high-speed rail project raises eminent domain issues

Major eminent domain disputes arise relatively frequently in Texas, and proposed projects ranging from bullet trains and border walls to continued oil and gas drilling serve as reminders of how important it is for landowners to protect their rights.

The proposed high-speed rail line from Houston to Dallas is a prime example of how a private company can seek to use the power of eminent domain.

Using a Prepaid Funeral Contract to Spend Down Assets for Medicaid (1).jpgNo one wants to think about his or her death, but a little preparation in the form of a prepaid funeral contract can be useful. In addition to helping your family after your death, a prepaid funeral contract can be a good way to spend down assets in order to qualify for Medicaid.

Estate planning: How to transfer property with sentimental value

Estate planning is not just about your assets that have a substantial monetary value. Sometimes sentimental items can be even more important to your heirs.

One recent example of this was when a family accidentally gave a ceremonial key to a thrift store after their father passed away at age 100. The key, which was given to the father for his service in the Coast Guard, was not included in the will, and the family did not thoroughly examine the suitcase that the key was inside. Luckily, the key found its way back to the family.

The story, which was highlighted by the Washington Post, is a prime example of how crucial it is to plan for the distribution of your sentimental assets. Here are some tips for ensuring the proper inheritance of family heirlooms such as antiques, photos and jewelry.

Medicare Preventive Services: What's Free and What Isn't? we're young, we believe that we're invincible, which makes it harder to admit as we age that our bodies naturally need more care. Normal aging affects the heart, bones, and joints, so preventive care is key to avoiding aging that could be harmful to your health.

Relief From Medicare's Part B Late-Enrollment Penalty Offered to Some

istock_000022816678_small_sm.jpgMedicare is offering relief from penalties for certain Medicare beneficiaries who enrolled in Medicare Part A and had coverage through the individual marketplace. For a short time, these individuals will be able to enroll in Medicare Part B without paying a penalty for late enrollment.

Are Trusts Still Useful If the Estate Tax Is Repealed?

16144-Estate tax.jpgWith Republicans in control of Congress and the presidency, there is talk of eliminating the federal estate tax. In 2017 the tax affects only estates over $5.49 million, meaning that for more than 99 percent of Americans, it's already been repealed. With no estate tax, do you still need a trust? While trusts can be used to shelter assets from the estate tax, trusts have many other valuable estate planning uses.

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